3-Ply Masks

All of our masks are CE Certified and have
Melt-blown non-woven filtration later over ≥95 BFE

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KN95 Face Mask

5 Layer Melt Blown High-Filtration Mask, designed for filtering the smallest particles

FDA registered and CE certified


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Immediate Shipping Available 50 PCS            $0.20 / Mask

Protect yourself and your family with these anti-viral protective surgical masks.  These 50 packs offer three layers of protection against viral spread.  They can be used for personal use or by businesses to open up.

  • CE certified and tested Melt-blown non-woven filtration layer
  • Arrives 3-5 days after the order is placed


Immediate Shipping Available 20 PCS            $1.50 / mask

KN95 masks are high-filtration mask with 5-ply protection and a tight fit around the face to offer more protection than 3-ply masks.  They are CE certified and used in medical setting in Europe.  KN95s are great for personal use in many industries.

  • Blocks 95% of particles (Diameter of 0.075 Microns)
  • Low breathing resistance
  • Easy to store fold design with Adjustable nose clip
  • 20 pieces per box with each mask individually wrapped with plastic


Do you have product available?

We have both KN95 and 3 ply disposable masks available in Minnesota, USA and our manufacturer has a capacity to product 3M per day.

How well do you know this manufacturer?

We have worked with this manufacturer for 10 years and have certified testing showing consistently above 98% BFE (Bacterial filtration efficiency)

Are your masks approved by the FDA?

Our masks carry FDA Registration #3016734235 and our masks already carry EU certification through CE

Who am I doing business with?

Our parent company is Kingnote, a wholesale trading company that normally specializes in used copiers. In an effort to bring more PPE into the country, we dedicated our efforts to providing urgently needed masks.

Where are these masks shipped from?

Masks are shipping from Minnesota, USA.

What are the lead times?

We ship all orders placed before 2 PM CST on the same day. For wholesale orders, we can work with you to fulfill your order on time.

What sets our masks apart from other masks on the market?

All of our masks contain a 32% melt-blown l filtration layer that has been tested to have 95% BFE, including our 3-ply disposable mask. Thus our masks are top of the line, unlike many other masks on the market which are junk, poor quality, counterfeited, and without test results.
A proper surgical/non surgical mask is usually made of three layers, including an outer hydrophobic non-woven layer, a middle melt-blown layer, and an inner soft absorbent non-woven layer. These three layers have their specific functions: the outer layer is intended to repel water, blood and body fluids; the middle melt-blown layer is the critical highlight of a surgical/non surgical mask, it is designed as the filter to stop germs from entering or exiting the mask; and the inner layer is intended to absorb water, sweat and spit.

What is the difference between the N95 mask and the KN95 Mask?

The N95 Mask has met FDA standards both in production and in sample testing. Due to the critical need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during this time, the FDA and the CDC have approved KN95 masks to meet the overwhelming demand. These masks are subject to sample testing, and the factories are certified for compliance by the governing agency where the masks are produced.

What does the CDC say about masks?

The CDC recommends changing the masks (both Non Surgical and KN95’s) daily as the BFE, which starts out between 95%, loses efficiency after 4 hours and the longer you wear it the less safe it becomes.

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    Certified and Tested

    95% BFE On All Our Masks

    Our goal is to bring in more quality masks for civil use and personal protection. Our masks contain a middle layer of Melt-Blown material which is much safer. This is the same material as the Surgical mask and the N95 mask for medical use.
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